At Nests & Co, we are proud to offer international shipping services that currently operate in over 75+ countries. We deliver to hundreds of customers across the world every day.

Free Shipping: We currently offer Free Shipping on all orders.

Order Processing: Please allow 1-3 business days for order processing.

Nests & Co Delivery Times:

  • USA: 4-10 business days Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand: 5-10 business days United Kingdom: 3-8 business days International: 6-14 business days
  • Holiday Delivery Times (Orders between Black Friday Nov 26 to Boxing day Dec 26):
  • USA: 5-10 business days Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand: 5-12 business days United Kingdom: 5-8 business days International: 6-20 business days
  • Nests & Co Team Holiday: Orders placed between January 16-26 will be fulfilled starting January 27th and normal delivery times will resume on February 1st.

In case of high demand or transportation issues caused by global factors (pandemic, conflicts etc.) shipping times might take longer. In that case, please contact us at and we will gladly assist you. Click here to view our refund policy.

Larger than usual orders (Bulk orders) may also take more time to process.

I ORDERED MULTIPLE PRODUCTS, BUT ONLY RECEIVED ONE. WHAT IS HAPPENING? It is normal. Please wait a little longer, the remaining packages of your shipment will arrive soon. Thank you.

WHAT SHIPPING COURIERS ARE DELIVERING OUR ORDERS? In general, orders within USA are delivered via USPS, Canada via Canada Post, Australia & NZ via Australia Post, UK & Europe via their local shipping service couriers.

TAXES AND DUTIES Nests & Co is not responsible for any import duties or taxes. There may be import duties and or taxes imposed by your government, especially if you live outside of North America or Europe.

Please contact for any help regarding order shipments.